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Nothing Compares

Beyond a doubt, bStable is the best! My patients, their loved ones and I benefit when this software is part of a recovery program. I've spent years using other services to help pateints ... and nothing compares. I even use my own copy in the office, just to show patients the benefits and how easy the program is to use.

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor;
John Duggan; Silver Spring, MD

Great work!

The program is freaking awesome! It is so helpful to have everything in one place. I used to have a journal, dream journal and mood chart I was *trying* to do every day, with little success. Now, they are all in one place. I also like that the program brings my attention to other really important things that may be going on that I may not notice until it's too late. Great work!

Patient; Fort Collins, CO

A Valuable Tool

bStable is a valuable tool we use to help our people learn to manage the symptoms of their mental illness - and - it gives our case managers a comprehensive and flexible mechanism for tracking outcomes

Ed Oechslie, Executive Director
Spring Lake Ranch Therapeutic Community, Vermont

Better than any prior management method.

bStable has unequivocally helped me manage my disorder in concert with my loved ones and medical providers better than any prior management method.

Patient; Richmond, VA, USA

One of the best commercial bipolar systems

This is one of the best commercial bipolar systems I have come across so far and believe me I've seen many systems so far.

Bipolar Researcher; London, U.K.