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What is bStable?

bStable is a bipolar disorder life management system used to manage this very complicated and dangerous illness. bStable is a tool used by patients, psychiatrists, psychologists, and loved ones to collect and analyze patient data from all respective angles of the patient’s life to preemptively address issues as they arise. This is to avoid the occurrence of depression or mania entering the patient’s life and wreaking havoc on the patient and those around them.

Why would a loved one or I need bStable?

While there is medication for bipolar disorder (anti-anxiety, sedatives, antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers), how the medication helps bipolar disorder is not totally understood and the prescribed medication regimen is not always effective or loses its effectiveness. This in turn forces the patient to constantly monitor every aspect of their life to identify any cause for concern. Because a patient who is not stable has a thwarted view of their mental condition, there is also a need to capture how they are feeling as well how others in their life perceive their mental state to be. Preparation is also pivotal to managing this disorder and bStable gives all the tools necessary for preventative crisis planning.

How does bStable work?

bStable leverages years of research into key indicators tracked when managing patients with bipolar disorder to allow the tracking, tracing, and reporting on a patent's life that could be impacted by the disorder.

I see there are some free mood charts online for tracking moods. Why should I buy bStable?

If bipolar disorder is not properly managed, the effects can be devastating. Taking simple precautions like purchasing a copy of a robust bipolar disorder life management system and allocating a few minutes each day to using the application is the least you can do for yourself or a loved one suffering from this serious disorder.

bStable is the first and only comprehensive system for managing bipolar disorder. Over 40 rich, graphical, reports allow the tracking of the illness and identification of patterns that are reasons for concern in coordination with loved ones, psychiatrists, and psychologists. Patient spending, scheduling, nutrition, sleep, medication, medical and lab exam results, legal information, exercise planning, crisis planning and management, and detailed reporting and drill-down capabilities into each and every daily feeling or activity makes the functionality in bStable unsurpassed.

If you have a child that you believe is bipolar, there is a module within bStable solely dedicated to the tracking of adolescent behavior. This is used in addition to the standard behavior tracking methods in bStable.

Why is bStable offered as a personal desktop solution?

Due to the sensitive nature of the patient data that is collected by bStable and with security the utmost priority, bStable was developed to run on a personal computer (Windows or Macintosh) as a single user application in order to mitigate any possible security breach.

What if I have bipolar and my loved ones or health care providers want to use bStable as well?

bStable is a single user application. Your loved ones or healthcare providers can purchase an additional copy of bStable at the discounted price of $49 provided you provide proof of purchase for the first copy of bStable purchased at the regular retail price of $99.