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on Saturday, 26 January 2013. Posted in General

Patients are told to reduce stress but is that practical?



"Several studies have estimated that as many as 60% of people with bipolar disorder have an anxiety disorder. One study in 2004 showed that ore than 30% of bipolar disorder patients experience panic attacks".

bStable allows patients to identify triggers (stressful life events that are likely to spark episodes of mania or depression). Examples could be: deaths, anniversaries, traumas, etc. These can be recorded and communicated with your clinician or therapist.

Issues abound in out lives: work, school, money, time, health, kids and relationships: friends, family, etc. are the biggest stressors that we face. We can't eliminate stress and anxiety from our lives but can change how we deal with stress and anxiety.

Self monitoring using bStable is key but used in combination with CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - a great psychotherapeutic approach to address anxiety - has been said to be a very effective combo as reported by our bStable users. I'm also hearing a lot these days about IPSRT - Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy that can help manage stressful life events.