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Omega-3 Supplements

on Friday, 25 January 2013. Posted in General

bStable + Psychotropics, Exercise, Meditation and Eating Well + Fish Oil?

Many bStable customers are either newly diagnosed, trying to stay "stable" or are having major problems with their psychotropic medication regimen and want to reset and establish a baseline to measure their progress towards wellness. Most of those who I talk with going through those various stages trying to regain and keep control of their life are experimenting with fish oil.

Lots of the bStable customers I have spoken with that have raved about using omega 3 fatty acid supplements have taken: Omax3, Nordic Naturals and OmegaVia.


A debate that is ongoing is do they help with mood disorders (seems they do) and if so, are the higher end brands worth the extra cost and if so, which ones are best. Thoughts?