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Address Your Corporation’s Responsibility to Employee Mental Health

on Saturday, 10 August 2019.

Address Your Corporation’s Responsibility to Employee Mental Health

It is the age of competition. Businesses are booming, thriving, and growing. And to sustain the growth, employers need consistency and dependability from the people they hire. Employees prioritize work culture more than in any age we’ve ever seen. This dramatically changes the way corporations need to present themselves.   

Why Do Something?

1. Innovate Technology is the future; and the future is technology. That isn’t a mystery. It’s incredible to think that in the age of technology, mental healthcare providers are still asking their patients to record their symptoms on paper. Do you manage your thriving and growing business on paper? More than likely the answer is no. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the pencil-paper method shouldn’t last much longer. The future of mental health and corporate wellness programs will be in technological solutions, not paper. Incorporating bStable into your corporate wellness program gets your corporation ahead of your competition and sets you apart as a forward-thinking leader.

2. Be Conscientious Mental health for employees should be a top executive priority and most corporations know that. Don’t take our word for it though, here’s an article from Forbes’ to build the case. In today’s professional climate, research has shown that work culture is THE defining factor for employees’ productivity and loyalty to any given organization.

3. Be Distinguishable The incorporation of a generic wellness program no longer really sets companies apart – in the 20th century, it’s more of an expectation. Subsidizing a gym membership or helping with health insurance co-pay does little to distinguish corporations from one another. Your employees don’t just have physical health needs, they also have mental health needs. It is time for you as a leader to acknowledge this, accept this, and address your employee’s mental health needs ASAP!

Why Leverage bStable?

bStable is ready NOW to help set your organization apart. Our software is multi-faceted enough to handle all of your employee's needs. It is a research backed proven asset to anyone who is given the opportunity to utilize the application. bStable can be used on a personal level or in conjunction with any type of corporate mental health wellness program to enhance results. This means happier and healthier employees so you can make your shareholders happy! Get in touch with us today.