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3 Key Benefits of bStable at a Nonprofit

on Sunday, 14 July 2019.

3 Key Benefits of bStable at a Nonprofit

Awareness of the mental illness epidemic is on the rise. The United States has a very long way to go in providing the appropriate care and resources to those with mental healthcare needs. Many individuals who are working to improve the mental healthcare system have moved to the nonprofit community to provide direct support, healing, education, and resources.

There is a lot to juggle when running a nonprofit.  bStable was created to help mental healthcare nonprofits run more efficiently with their clients and expand their reach.

3 key benefits our nonprofit customers have gained from using the bStable software are:

  1. Consistency: In a nonprofit, there is a lot of change. Sometimes different mental healthcare providers meet with one client. bStable makes communication between the providers and clients simple and seamless. Providers have all the information they need in bStable ready and available. Clients can easily share their information with multiple providers.
  2. Time: Time is the most precious resource we have; especially when it comes to helping someone who is struggling with a mental illness. bStable answers the initial questions most providers ask around ‘how have you been doing.’ The provider can review information from bStable prior to walking into the session in order to be able to ask more pointed and direct questions. This benefits the client and provider by ensuring that the time they have together is optimized. Our study results have proven bStable eliminates inefficient information gathering techniques by 50%. On a scale of 1 to 10, normal talk therapy approaches were measured at a 5, with bStable they were a 9. Clients felt like they were being heard, their issues were understood, and they were able to work on the major issues at hand vs. just relaying information.
  3. Red Flag Alerts: Providers that work in a nonprofit help as many individuals as they can and sometimes, everyone misses a red flag. bStable allows a provider to see red flags quicker and more expeditiously aid a patient who may need immediate help. bStable’s algorithms catch things that human eyes don’t always recognize, with more speed and accuracy.

Does bStable sound like a solution that could improve your mental health nonprofit? As the inventor of bStable, I would love to offer you a personalized demonstration of bStable and discuss how we can help your organization. Simply take a moment to contact me now in order to set up a time.